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4.0 kg
Dimensions : L : 21 cm x W : 14 cm x H : 1.5 cm
Category : Telescope - Refractor Telescope
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KTA 70060U
Optical Design Refactor Aperture (mm)
60 mm
 35x, 116.67x, 105x, 350x
Focal Length (mm)
700 mm
Focal Ratio
Eyepiece Two eyepieces
20 mm (Huygens, Barrel size - 0.965"), 6 mm (Huygens, Barrel size - 0.965")
Barlow Lens
Achromatic Barlow lens

 Cross-hair optical finderscope
Mount Type
Alt Azimuth Tripod

Adjustable light weight tripod Optical Coatings Fully Broadband Multi-Coated Included Accessories Telescope diagonal,Video tutorial instruction manual and printed instruction manual Warrantee 1 Year  This is the most basic telescope in our stock. This is a refractor telescope with Altazi-muth mount. This telescope suitable for age between 10 years and 13 years. DO NOT use telescope for observe Sun, Solar eclipse, bright street lamps and lights.

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