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The story has well written between two ages 2nd centuary and 21st centuary. Arthur C. Clarke introduce Sky hook – the space elevator which builds up 36000 km (24,000 miles) from Sri Lanka to geostationary orbit. The author explains the technical problems in building the tower fairly well. The story fascinate with history of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, and half a dozen other historical engineering developments. “Morgan's story of ambition and reach begins in parallel to that of Kalidasa, an ancient king of Clarke's country of Taprobane - analog to the real world's Sri Lanka which has been Clarke's home since the late 1960's. Kalidasa's struggles to construct a fountain and tower complex in the face of political opposition from his brother and religious opposition from Buddhist monks mirrors Morgan's own struggles with the head of his company, a prominent senator, and with the heirs to the monks of Kalidasa's day who reside in a temple at the prime location for the anchor point of the elevator” – Amazon book review

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