Buy Pitasakwala Jeewayak Pawatheeda? (New Edition) online in Sri Lanka

Volume : Weight : 250 g
Dimensions : L : 21 cm x W : 14 cm x H : 1.5 cm
Rs. 450.00

A bundle of scientific details about extraterrestrial intelligence with explanations of some of UFO incidences occurred in Sri Lanka and rest of the world. This book consists with a VCD containing rear videos of UFO incidences. One of the bestselling books in the field over past years. Thathsarani discusses answers to following questions; What do you mean by identified flying objects and extraterrestrial intelligence?, Any evidences of UFOs arrivals?, What is life; how it formed and evolved?, Is there any life in the solar system?, Can aliens cross the interstellar limits?, How can we make sure of their existence?